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Introduction to Imagery and Symbols


Discover how mental images and symbols become the glue of habit and the lubricant of change


Imagine you are sitting in a boat tied to the shore of a small fog-shrouded lake. The water is so still and calm that you, too, become still and calm. You join the silence in the air as you wait for the fog to lift and reveal what has been there, but was simply hidden.

Guided imagery is like that. It helps you step back from the busyness of the day and become open to peace and harmony arising from within. Remaining relaxed and yet alert, you are led to a place where you can disconnect from the chattering of the mind, where you can find the courage to forgive yourself and others, embrace qualities of the human spirit, uncover symbols of strength and courage, create harmony and wholeness in your life, and expand your mind by making use of both sides of your brain.

With more than twenty-five years experience in working with imagery and symbols, I am in the process of creating a manual of more than fifty guided imagery exercises and other techniques for accessing hidden resources that lie within each of us.

The manual is being written to help therapists and coaches become more effective by having ready-made, easily modified exercises that will save them the time needed to create the exercises themselves. It allows clients — and those who are considering becoming a client of therapists, coaches, and other counselors — to experience some of the ways they can draw upon the core strengths they carry but may not have known how to access.

My intention is to have the manual finished by early 2013, although my expectations of how long a book will take to be finished has not always been particularly good. Nevertheless, until it is finished, you can use the articles below to learn more about the power of imagery and of symbols which often arise from imagery and metaphors.

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© Copyright 2012, Arlene F Harder, MA, MFT

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