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Introduction to Need Therapy or Coaching?


Participating in either therapy or coaching is like learning to look through more than one window

windowThis picture from the small mountain village of Gauda, Switzerland, is a fitting illustration for a category of articles that can help you expand your understanding of yourself.

You see, we all live, metaphorically speaking, in a house that has windows facing in each direction. North. South. East. West. Yet we will usually have a favorite window through which we view the world, let's say the one that shows us the territory to the north. Of course, we may sometimes look through another window, perhaps the one that faces east, but we tend to ignore the others. We may even forget they are there.

However, professionals – who may be marriage and family therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, personal coaches, nutritional consultants, counselors and personal coaches –encourage us to look through new windows. That doesn't mean that the view from the window or windows we've been using is wrong. It just means that it helps to have someone show us how to look in a new direction and discover life offers many more choices than we previously thought.

On the other hand, sometimes we convince ourselves that we can’t make any significant change in our lives without having an expert lead the way. So I recommend you read the first article in this category: Become Your Own Expert on Personal Growth. Being your own expert doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from another person’s advice, but recognizing the resources you hold within you can go a long way toward knowing when you should take the advice of others.

To find out more about therapy and coaching, you will find valuable information in these articles.

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