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Introduction to Overcoming Obstacles


Discover how to move beyond, over and around obstacles in your path

How do you react to obstacles — both large and small — that lie in the path toward a goal you want to reach? Do you let them keep you from moving forward?

Fortunately, although we may not realize it at the moment, we can turn such obstacles and setbacks into new patterns of behavior, renewed connection with others, forgiveness. We can believe once more in our own worth and value. We can change patterns of behavior in which we got stuck in the past. And we can develop an increased awareness of the joy of life. And reach our goals with greater enthusiasm because of the barriers we needed to cross.

There is little in human experience that is unique. The healing of any trauma, whether random, malicious, well-intentioned or self-induced, requires an understanding that this too shall pass, that it is one of the ills the flesh is heir to, and whatever we experience can just connect us more tightly with our fellow humans. It is not nearly as important to understand why it happened and who is to blame as to figure out what we ourselves can do to face it, to prevent it, and to handle it better next time.
— Frank Pittman, MD
The Family Therapy Networker, 1995

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