Introduction to Resolving Conflicts


We all have to work on making our relationships as good as they can be

Recognizing that all couples (even those who appear to be perfect for each other) have problems from time to time can be an important ingredient in strengthening your relationship. Why? Because it counters the illusion that an "ideal" couple doesn't have to constantly make adjustments, both minor and major, for the partnership to work.

As any therapist can tell you, every couple who rates their relationship as happy has faced stumbling blocks somewhere along the way. They don't give up

So if your relationship "isn't working," I encourage you, too, not to give up. Remember that everyone contributes to the problems a relationship faces because every individual is flawed in some way. There's not a perfect person (or perfect marriage) among us.

That's why it's important not to wait until your dissatisfaction, distance, conflict and emotional reactions escalate to the point that the only recourse seems to be divorce or an emotional estrangement while living together.

If your relationship is a little rocky right now, check out the articles in the navigation bar on the left. They offer a number of ideas for what you can do.

© 2012 Arlene F Harder, MA, MFT