Questions for You and Your Friends: Heaven, Hell and Life After Death

July 29, 2014
 Deepen relationships by
asking questions about the afterlife.

Ask Questions and Explore Answers


This World is not Conclusion.
A Sequel stands beyond —
Invisible, as Music —
But positive, as Sound.

—Emily Dickinson

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I think the resurrection of the body, unless much improved in construction, a mistake.

—Evelyn Underhill

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Explore other quotations on heaven, hell, and life after death. And then, ask yourself questions on these topics. Share your answers with your friends, and as you do, notice if there is something you haven’t thought of before.
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How Do You Sort 50,000 Digital Pictures?

July 23, 2014
 Turning a small annoyance into an
opportunity to enjoy happy memories.

Shadowbox photos

Click on image to see a bigger version.

How do you sort through and organize fifty-thousand photos? Well, maybe not quite fifty-thousand; more like forty-eight-thousand in hundreds of folders that are taking up too much space in my computer. In fact, I need to clean out the whole computer with hundreds of folders and thousands of files. In a moment I’ll share my method.
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Ask Questions of Yourself and Your Friends: Fear

July 17, 2014
 Deepen relationships by asking questions
about managing emotions.

Ask Questions and Explore Answers


two bears

I once saw a cartoon that showed two bears in a forest. One bear turns to the other and says: “It’s the lions and tigers that scare me.” We all have something that scares us.

This post explores how fear helps you and how sometimes it just gets in your way.

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Doing Something Half-assed is Better Than Not At All

July 14, 2014
 A life lived only by the well, or a life worth living?

Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD — one of the earliest pioneers in the mind/body health field — includes a short chapter titled “Life is For the Well.”

Here she tells about one of her patients who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and spent several years seeking help for her symptoms. She would go from doctor of doctor “obsessed with the minutest details of her physical problems, which she tracked in a daily journal.” She thought she had to be without symptoms to enjoy life to go the theater, to have children, to love.

It seemed to her that life could only be lived by the well.
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Tribute to a Life Well Lived: Words on a Mountain Top

July 7, 2014
 A fitting farewell for Bob.

This is fourth in a series of four articles about the celebration this spring of my husband’s life. The other articles are:


If you scatter the ashes of someone affiliated with a church, you can use familiar hymns or scripture during the ceremony. However, my husband was not religious and we weren’t certain what to do when we scattered his ashes on Mount Wilson, in the hills he loved to hike.

Fortunately, my brother John, who had been a minister in the Lutheran church, wrote a piece that perfectly expressed what we wanted to say in this ceremony.

I share this in case you ever have to say something when giving the final good-byes as you scatter ashes. Perhaps these words would give you an idea of what to say.
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