What Makes Us Human

September 29, 2014

Deepen relationships by asking questions about what makes us human

Note: If you are new to this feature of the Support4Change Blog, here are some suggestions for exploring questions for yourself and also for your family and friends.

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The most satisfactory definition of man from the scientific point of view is probably Man the Tool-maker.

—Kenneth Page Oakley

[Note: He wrote this well before we observed some animals making and using use tools, but man definitely has the corner on complex tools.]

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For him the tragedy of Homo sapiens is that the least fit to survive breed the most.

—John Fowles

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A Sunset in Canada Offers a New Perspective on Relationships

September 25, 2014


Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.

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A striking sunset over the Fraser River near Coquitlam, Canada

 A striking sunset over the Fraser River near Coquitlam, Canada

When looking for a sunset picture on Wikimedia, I was attracted to this picture by Chad Teer for two reasons.

One is the color of the sunset. Wouldn’t that be a great background to share old times with a friend or gently discuss disagreements with someone who might soften their disagreements under the influence of that sky?
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Some Bodies in Bathings Suits Don’t Care What You Think

September 22, 2014

Expand relationships by asking questions about how we compare our bodies with the bodies of others

Note: If you are new to this feature of the Support4Change Blog, here are some suggestions for exploring questions for yourself and also for your family and friends.

Three times a week I get in the pool at my retirement community and do aquatic aerobics with a bunch of old women. With the exception of one woman whose genes came wrinkle-free, our bodies sag. We have moles and brown spots. The underside of our upper arms are flabby. I won’t even mention the shape, or lack thereof, of our breasts.

In other words, three times a week I can compare how my body looks and how the bodies of six or so other women look in bathing suits. It ain’t a pretty sight — neither mine nor theirs. However, I am getting better at not comparing myself with others quite so much. It involves an acceptance of the reality of time.

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How Old People Park Their Cars

September 18, 2014
 Take a quick break and enjoy this funny video

Here is another post to lighten your life — in less than two minutes.

Incidentally, I should have titled this “How SOME Old People Park Cars” because I don’t know anyone in my retirement community who would come anywhere close to parking like this.

It seems to defy the laws of physics. I still can’t figure out how he does it. Can you?


An Invitation to a Left and Right Dialogue

September 15, 2014
 What do you do when you find out that
your assumptions about someone were wrong?

Balloon Festival

A few years ago, a man I’ll call “Max” read a poem I had written for Support4Change and asked if he could use it on his website. This began a friendship in which we talked about ways I might support his work with people who have learning disabilities like dyslexia, and how he might promote my work on repairing relationships.

I took a trip to Houston to meet him and, while our collaboration didn’t get off the ground, I liked him and wanted to keep up the friendship. He comes from a very well-known family and I wanted to learn more about them.

Then one day about two years ago, I happened on a website with information about him and discovered, to my dismay, that he held extreme right-wing political views, including support of the Tea Party and secession of Texas from the union. I couldn’t believe it. How did I miss seeing that his views were extremely different than mine?

Unfortunately, I lost touch with him after that because I was busy writing a book, focusing on my health, moving to a retirement community, and dealing with the death of my husband. He was busy building his organization and learning how to be a new father.

Then, three weeks ago, I found the opportunity to begin a dialogue when he sent me an invitation to participate in a special guided tour of England. While I can’t go on that tour, this gave me the chance to write him about assumptions I have about him that aren’t true.

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