Take a Graffiti Break from Holiday Pressure

Take a quick (or not so quick!) break and enjoy this imaginative art.

3DToday is an excellent example of why some posts take longer to write than others. I blame it all on my brother and Google.

Recently he sent me an email with buildings and sidewalks painted with realistic 3D images of everything from people to boats. I thought they would give you a chance to slow down — just for a few minutes — and think of something other than what you have to do in this busy season. The work will still be there, but you’ll be more relaxed when you return to it.

The problem was that the pictures he sent me were in an email and didn’t include the source. So naturally I headed to Google. Put in “3D art on buildings” and got 102,000 results, of which I’ll share four.

1. On a website in England, you can see several incredibly lifelike scenes that are huge works of art painted on the side of perfectly intact buildings and flat walls. They were created by John Pugh, who specializes in trompe l’oeil or “trick of the eye” art and says that, “It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked.”


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Reading Body Language at Family Get-Togethers

Last week I gave you an excerpt from Healing Relationships is an Inside Job on suggestions for how you might listen to someone with whom you would ordinarily have a difficult time.

Healing Relationships is an Inside JobThis week I want to share the text that appears right after that segment in the book. Like the suggestions on listening “with the third ear,” this post gives you information on how body language gives a wealth of information to another person. It can tell them whether you are really interested in them, or whether you can hardly wait until you have a chance to say something.

This information is something I wish I had known decades ago. For many, many years I would be so intent on what I wanted to say that I would often interrupt the other person before he could finish his own thoughts and express his own point of view.
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Once Again Time for Sharing Great Recipes

Build relationships by sharing stories of motivation and inspiration
There are those who keep their best recipes to themselves. They don’t want any competition at the potluck. They want to be praised as the best cook, baker or candy-maker at the office or in the neighborhood.

Fortunately for you, I absolutely enjoy giving away a recipe that will get raves from family and friends.

Caramels with nutsIt is a caramel I posted two years ago — I’m even using the same picture. If you didn’t see it then, now is the time to get the ingredients and start making the best caramels you’ve ever tasted.

So go back to the post on December 3, 2012, for the recipe that you can give with confidence that it will be very, very well received.

By the way, you may notice that I have put this post into the category of sharing inspiration with friends. Let’s share good things with others.

Another by the way, I realize that last month I wrote a post about not doing more cleaning than necessary and then a newsletter focusing about energy boosters and drainers. So . . . if you think this will be too much, don’t do it. If you think it will increase your energy, then go for it.

How to Listen With Your Third Ear

Thanksgiving-gratitudeWhen you get together with family and friends this holiday season, are you afraid you’ll find yourself sitting next to someone with whom conversation will either seem stilted and uncomfortable, or with whom you will try to change their opinion because it is much different than yours?

Most of us have a relative or friend who seems to draw the very soul out of our bodies with strong opinions that conflict with ours; and with whom we spend much time trying to find the perfect answer to counter those opinions.

Imagine what might happen if you entered into a conversation with the deliberate intention of developing a new kind of relationship with that person? How might your holiday get-together be different than it has been in the past if you were to really listen without trying to change him?

And just how might you do that?
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An Old Ship Offers a New Perspective on Relationships

Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.


The bow of the TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu in South New Zealand

……………..The bow of the TSS Earnslaw on
……………..Lake Wakatipu in South New Zealand

Click on picture to see enlarged view

If you haven’t already planned a trip to New Zealand for this winter (which of course is their summer), it may be too late. However, you could have a second-best chance to visit Queenstown if you use this picture as an escape to a place where majestic mountains surround a clear lake.

Lean on the rail of TSS Earnslaw, a 1912 Edwardian vintage twin screw steamer plying the clear waters of Lake Wakatipu. It is the biggest boat on the lake, and the largest steamship built in New Zealand.

Incidentally, transporting the Earnslaw to the lake was no easy task. Built in Dunedin, she needed to be dismantled and moved over the mountains by rail and reassembled each quarter-inch steel hull plate at a time.

As you stand at the rail, you might be interested in knowing that a number of famous people have enjoyed the ride, from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, President Bill Clinton, the Japanese Emperor and Empress, to the King and Queen of Belgium and the Prince of Thailand.

In other words, you would be in good company taking this trip, if only in your imagination.

What might happen if you told someone with whom you are having problems that you’d like to take them on this well-known ship and talk about the things that have troubled you?

And what might you share with a good friend or relative who needs a bit of pleasure in his or her life?