Laughter and Disorder in the Courts

August 21, 2014
 Take a break and enjoy these courtroom jokes.

Sometimes I can’t resist telling lawyer jokes. The ones I bring you today were sent to me a couple years ago and I’ve kept them for a day when I figure you might need a lighter touch.

If that day is today, you’re in luck.

I will only share five of them, but they are true stories actually said in courts, word for word. I wonder how court recorders could keep a straight face when they typed these.
Giant Gavel


ATTORNEY:  Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?
WITNESS:  Did you actually pass the bar exam?

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Words of Wisdom from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

August 18, 2014

Discover the qualities of friendship and share them with the people you know.

Since Fred Rogers was host of a TV show that ran from 1968 to 2001, young children today may not know him — unless their parents help them tune into the PBS Kids show on the Internet.

However, those who graduated on May 20, 2001 from Marquette University were a prime audience for an address he delivered at the university. Here are a few excerpts from the talk:

For a long time I wondered why I felt like bowing when people showed their appreciation for the work that I’ve been privileged to do. What I’ve come to understand is that we who bow are probably — whether we know it or not – acknowledging the presence of the eternal: we’re bowing to the eternal in our neighbor. You see, I believe that appreciation is a holy thing, that when we look for what’s best in the person we happen to be with at the moment, we’re doing what God does. So, in loving and appreciating our neighbor, we’re participating in something truly sacred.

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Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate for the First Time

August 14, 2014
 This video is a sweet reminder to
appreciate the small pleasures in life.

The introduction to the short video I bring you today begins with these words:

You would think that chocolate is universal. Something that is everywhere, that everyone can enjoy. It’s not. There are people who have never tried it, even the farmers who break their backs to harvest cocoa beans for a few cents in the Ivory Coast. Watch their faces light up when they eat it for the first time.

The video is a stark reminder of how amazingly lucky we are. It is much easier to assume that food is ours to enjoy than it is to consider whether people work very hard, for very little, to bring us that food.

Incidentally, in a survey after the video was uploaded, many people in the developed world didn’t even know where chocolate came from.

Six Rules for a More Peaceful Life — Part Two

August 11, 2014

Discover the qualities of friendship and share them with the people you know.

One year ago I wrote a piece called Rules for a Peaceful Life, Part One with twelve “rules” that could make your life more harmonious and tranquil. In that post I said I would bring you another twelve in 2014.

However, I really don’t like lists that have more suggestions than I can remember easily, especially if I am supposed to actually do something about them. So today I’m going to give you only six from a list compiled by that famous Anonymous.

First, I want to give you several suggestions for how you can have a good chance of putting at least one of the ideas into action — and how you can help a friend also create a more peaceful life.

  • Begin by reading all six of the rules for a more peaceful life. That’s not too many for you to explore, is it?
  • Decide which one you need to do (and are willing to do) in order for your life to be simpler, gentler, more easygoing, more restful. You could choose more than one, but we change our ways very slowly and if you give yourself too many things to change at once, you may feel defeated before you begin.
  • Explore how you will actually put that suggestion into practice — this step is very important, because otherwise the “rule” becomes just one more thing you tell yourself you “ought” to do — but then you return back to your stressful life
  • Send a link of this post to one or two friends and tell them what you plan to do. You have a better chance of reaching your goal for a more peaceful life if you share with someone your intention to change.

Here, then, are six ideas that can make your life more peaceful.
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A Magician Ballerina?

August 7, 2014
 Take a quick break and enjoy the lighter
side with this most unusual and fun performance

Did you know how far the “Got Talent” TV show created by Simon Cowell has spread around the world? As of April 2014, 58 countries have various formats with judges who appear to be clones of the original judges.

The basic theme is that of I-wanna-be-a-star and most of those entering the contest are singers (almost all of whom go back to their former non-star lives). However, once-in-awhile there is an outstanding contestant in another field, as you will see when you watch this video from a show called “Amazing Chinese 2014.”

Ma Yan Yan does something I’ve never seen before — and I bet you haven’t either. She does magic tricks while performing a ballet routine!

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